About the Principal - Michael C. Diliberto P.E.


Michael C. Diliberto is a registered Professional Engineer with over 40 years of direct hands-on fire protection experience, involving design, consulting, business development, construction supervision / management, and system acceptance testing / commissioning. He has served in this profession with the following organizations: Fire Protection Engineer for Factory Mutual Engineering Corporation; Corporate Fire Protection / Safety Engineer for Western Electric Corp. & Bell Labs; Chief Fire Protection Engineering Consultant for Stearns Roger, Inc., an International A/E Firm (now URS Corp.); Principal for Gage-Babcock & Assoc., San Francisco, CA office; and president of his own Consulting firm. Mr. Diliberto has served as a special consultant for the US Air force, Martin-Marietta & NASA. He is a member of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers and National Fire Protection Association. Former Committee Member on the following NFPA committees serving in the Special Expert category : Standards No. 120 – “Fire Prevention and Control in Coal Mines,” and Std. 122 - “Fire Prevention and Control in Metal/Nonmetal Mining and Metal Mineral Processing Facilities.”; Std. No.123 - “Fire Prevention and Control in Underground Bituminous Coal Mines”; Std. No 850 - “Hydroelectric Generating Plants”; and Std .No.850 - “Alternate Fuels Subcommittee” under “Electric Generating Plants”. He is currently a member of the “Air Supported and Tensioned Structures Committee” for the American Society of Civil Engineers—representing fire protection requirements and related design issues .

He brings value to his clients by accurately analyzing situations, providing unbiased, innovative and tailored solutions; integrating the requirements of all interrelated engineering disciplines and being flexible to meet changing protection needs. This same analytical approach is provided in his role as an Expert Witness in Fires & Explosion cases.

           Flexibility also includes quick responses to his clients -
                                                 they are as close as the nearest airport.


Mr. Diliberto's firm provides Consulting services to companies and projects located both Nationally and Internationally served countries include:

  • Europe
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Middle East
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Testimonials -


  • “We've used Michael Diliberto for Life Safety and Fire Protection engineering on 40 to 50 projects. He helps us meet applicable fire safety requirements at minimal cost. Michael always stays on schedule, keeps within budget, and really takes care of his clients. I highly recommend him.”

    Dinish Patel, P.E.
    Head of Fire Protection Engineering, Southwest Division,
    Naval Facilities Eng. Command, San Diego , CA

  • “I would describe Michael as being highly qualified technically, resourceful, and very honest. His projects have always been on time und under budget. His prices are very, very reasonable, and he usually completes the project in fewer hours than he estimates. Because of his thorough knowledge, he can explain things clearly and concisely to others. As our consultant, the quality of his work has enabled our company to obtain additional projects. Michael Diliberto is way above other consultants in his field.”

    Dino Pesci,
    Project Manager
    Raytheon Engineers, Denver, CO

  • “Michael Diliberto is very thorough. His review of our on-site condition was the strongest of any A/E firm I've seen. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd rate Michael a 10.”

    Tom Olson, Director,
    Engineering Management,
    Veterans Affairs Medical Center ,
    San Diego , CA

  • “It is a pleasure to work with Michael. I have complete confidence in his abilities and judgment. My experience in professional work is that there are a small percentage of people, who will be successful in virtually any circumstance, versus a majority who need the support of a well structured set of conditions for a successful outcome. As managers, we must work with both, but it is a pleasure to find the especially talented and one wants to perpetuate indefinitely professional relationships with these individuals.”

    Gus Kugler, P.E.
    Engineering Manager
    San Francisco Office, BJY

  • “It is not often 1 see a firm so willing to cooperate and meet a client's needs in such a professional manner. Your study and report is outstanding. I look forward to working with your firm again in the near future.”


    D. ZAEN, JR.
    Chief, Engineering Service (138)
    VA Medical Center
    Ft. Lyon , CO